Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tea for Two

I like tea. I think I've hoarded over twenty different types in the kitchen cupboards and drink at least one cup a day. Still, I couldn't resist when I came across tea flowers; green and white tea leaves tied together with a dried flower. The leaves and the flower open up in hot water and you have a wonderful flower in your cup while the tea brews.

I set out cups for me and my other half, and some milk chocolate covered
banana flakes to go just because they are so delicious!
I can take this opportunity to also show off the cute PiP Studio bowls I got a few weeks back! I've had their cups for some time and found these new, smaller bowl with pretty flower motifs. I've got both pink and light blue versions, but skipped the beige ones because they looked boring. I'm also happy about the ceramic kettle that my other half bought when our last one broke down. It's pretty goth ;P

This is probably not the pretties of tea flowers, but I was still excited!
The taste wasn't anything special, but still good. I'm a visual person and like to have pretty things around me, so the tea flowers are like made for me :) I might get some with different flowers once I've gone through these.


  1. I love flowering teas! Even when the taste isn't anything special, they look so beautiful!

    1. I think it even tastes better when it's looks nice! :)

  2. sooo pretty - teaflowers are so beautiful - and I like your teacups <3

    1. Thank you! The cups are so nice, I looked at them for a long time before buying the set and couldn't be happier with them :)


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