Monday, 1 October 2012

Cat Skull Ring

Today I got a packet I've waited for a while! It contained a gorgeous ring for me and a necklace for my other half. I rarely click ads, but there was one that caught my eye on Facebook. was advertising their newest deal, cool animal skull rings. Well, I'm fond of skulls, so off I went to explore what was available and set my eyes on a nice purple ring. It looked like made for me!

Fab offers deals from selected shops and designers. The ring is by The Rogue And The Wolf, who also have a well-stocked Etsy shop! It's actually a 3D print made out of nylon. Looks very delicate but it's actually a bit flexible and seems sturdy.

Sorry about the black and white pictures,
I didn't remember to turn my flash on and the
colours were horrible!

The cardboard from the package the ring came in, pretty!

And the ring in action!

The surface looks velvety, but it's not soft.

Fits perfectly!


  1. Oh my god I absolutely love it! Such a beautifully detailed ring and the colour is purrfect! I think I may have to check them out! Thanks for posting! ~♥~

  2. wow - its awesome - and the color ist soooo perfect! ♥

  3. Uuuh, creepy and adorable. I'll surely check them out ^^

  4. Oh that is really cool, I had been wondering if it was possible to use 3D printers to make jewellery.

  5. Geez, now I want another ring. It's beautiful

  6. Thank you all! I'm so excited about the ring, and they even offer steel and silver versions (in case I win the lottery) which look super cool too!

  7. Neat! I've never seen anything like that before!


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