Sunday, 7 October 2012

Package from Germany

Meeow, who won the 200 readers giveaway a while back, contacted me a while ago and suggested she could get me a few things I missed during my last trip to Germany. Naturally I was very happy for the offer and instantly took it! I got her some cosmetics that were only available in Finland and got this awesome package in return :)

It came wrapped in very pretty paper, golden leopard spots are über cool!

And with a lovely note!

This is what was inside, almost like Christmas ripping those packages open ;P

All the stuff!
Meeow sent me a P2 Stay colored! cream eyeshadow in 060 Polar White (I got the purple one last time I visited Germany and was surprised I liked it), a P2 Eye Catcher 2in1 mascara+eyeliner in 030 Bamboo Garden and a P2 100% Black waterproof gel eyeliner. And as a surprise I got some orange-vanilla black tea and little heart-shaped raspberry and vanilla candy, so delicious! I ate the candy already and even tried the tea, I'm so happy with everything :)
Here's a small picture of the cosmetics in action!
I naturally wanted to try everything instantly, so I did a look to wear at the birthday party we were heading for in the evening. There's Polar White on the inner corners of my eyes and just a touch on the brow bone (I put some Scaredy Cat Arctic Royale on top), some of the purple cream shadow on the outer parts of lids topped with Fabby Lala from Madd Style Cosmetics. I first put some black mascara on and then added Bamboo Garden on top, and used the eyeliner too. It's a gorgeous colour! I put a hint of the 100% Black liner below my lower lashes and put some Bamboo Garden liner on top to bring out the colour. The turquoise mascara is my absolute favourite!

Thank again, Meeow, I love everything! Meeow not only packs awesome packets, but has a gorgeous blog too, check it out :)


  1. aaaaawww so glad you like everything <3 the mascara is very gorgeous - it looks so pretty on you - i think I have to go to DM soon and get one turquoise for me too :)

    and if you need something from Germany, let me know ;)
    It makes me happy to make someone happy ! Hugs & Kisses! :-*

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you like the stuff I sent you as much, it was so wonderful to receive a package of things specially picked for me :)


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