Thursday, 18 July 2013

Goodbye Berlin!

The hotel internet was acting up, so I'm writing this from home in Finland. The trip was amazing, so many sights to see and places to visit, and great food!

On Monday we headed back to the Museum Insel and went to the Neues Museum. It holds Egyptian and Germanic items, mostly. I went there on my last visit to Berlin also, and it's a great place. The whole museum has been carefully restored to show how it was originally made, and it's been a huge effort, since it was badly damaged when Berlin was bombed.

A dark skinned Egyptian queen.

German artefacts. The walls show how they were left bare where no traces of the original wall paint was found.

A little hedgehog!

Animal mummies. The first one is a cat, if I remember correctly.

And to continue the set of pictures with lions, here's me and a Sudanese king on a lion throne.

Then we found a better lion outside next to the Spree river ;)
Tuesday was the last full day. We were really efficient and went through some shopping (Claire's, Kiko, DM and Douglas) and the Berlin Dom cathedral, then I went to Deutsches Historisches Museum and Nina to Altes, then off to have a look at the building that used to be the Nazi Air Ministry building. It was HUGE, the biggest office building in Europe. Since this was the last day, we wanted to try to squeeze in even more action, and drove the U-bahn to have a look at the Olympic Stadion. What a long day!

Berlin Dom.

Under the Dom was the Hohenzollern crypt. It was big and filled with all shapes and sizes of coffins.

After going back to the hotel, we picked up some take-away food and took turns to soak in the hotel rooms bath tub. What could be better than eating sushi and reading magazines in the tub?


  1. ok, now Berlin has been added to the visit list

    1. It's a great city! This was my third time there and there's still tons of new stuff to see :)

  2. Truly amazing trip to Berlin! ♥


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