Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lumous Look

This is my make-up from Friday! I wanted something colourful and dramatic, so I combined bright shades with black.

I used Sugarpill Stella in the crease (it's a glittery black), Sugarpill Hysteric in the middle of the lid (glittery purple, partly blended with Stella) and Sugarpill Darling in the inner corners (turquoise). Instead of heavy fake lashes I used individual lash clusters, which were a pain in the behind to glue on but looked really nice. There are also a few clusters of purple lashes on the outer corners, but they don't show well in the close-up pictures.


  1. love those sparkling colors <3 great combination <3

    1. Thank you! I often end up reaching for Sugarpill for outrageous glittery looks, they just do such good sparkly shadow :)

  2. So pretty - I love the turquoise pop in the inner corners. I have never tried individual lash clusters because they looked like a pain in the rump. Looks great on you, though.

  3. ihanat vaatteet sulla <3
    käy katsomassa myös mun blogia jos kiinnostaa :)



  4. So pretty! Now I need Darling. My eye get's drawn to that colour. It looks beautiful on you!


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