Sunday, 28 July 2013

Ropecon Saturday and Sunday

Saturday went so fast! I listened to presentations about designing sword fight card game, the life of medieval knights and my personal favourite, roleplaying game designer Vincent Baker's presentation about how to design roleplaying games that don't suck. Then we played some games in the bar, it's been a long time since I've played Once Upon A Time :)

Saturday's outfit.

I bought these earrings from the Flash Market, they are gorgeous!

Another find from the Flash Market, a second hand tiny purse for only 1,50 euros. I love it!


I had forgotten my dice, but at the info desk they luckily had some to lend out.
Today, on Sunday, I gave my lecture about roleplaying games and video games, and was very surprised that so many people came to listen! I hope everyone learned something, or at least enjoyed it. Now I'm on my way home, on the train, I miss the kitties already!

Me talking about stuff.


  1. Good for you! Score on the purse and earring.

    1. Thanks! The purse is so cute, I'd use it and only it for weeks if it wasn't so small ;P But it's perfect for going out, it can hold my money, phone, powder and a lipstick!

  2. Replies
    1. Ne oli kyllä todellinen löytö! Multa meinas jo aika loppua kun en saanut kavereita kiinni että olisin voinut vinkua jonkun kattomaan mun pöytää pienen hetken, mutta onneksi naapuripöydän myyjä oli niin kiltti että lupasi huitoa mulle jos joku tahtoo ostaa jotain, niin pääsin vilkaisemaan muidenkin pöytien annin.

  3. Those earrings are gorgeous indeed! Also, I absolutely love your outfit ^^


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