Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Ruff Project

Today I've been mostly making a ruff. It took a little over six meters of fabric and lots of hand stitching, and I still need to sew on some beads, but I'm almost done. I'm a bit worried the beads might be too heavy, but I'm trying to use them anyway, even though I'll probably kill someone if I have to re-do the beading ;P

It's going to be worn halter style, with the strings tied in the back, rather than around the neck. Unless a bead-catastrophe strikes, I'll post pictures of it worn later on! Last year I made too many hats to wear for Lumous, so this year I'm more focused and am only making this one item for myself :) 


  1. Really impressive, I'd love to have a ruff myself!

  2. awesome work <3 so curious about pics of wearing it <3

  3. Oh wow, you have far more patience than me!

  4. How exciting! I really want to make one!


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