Thursday, 4 July 2013

Preparing To Start Lumous!

Today Lumous Gothic Festival starts. Today is the official sauna event and then some bands play at a pub. I totally love Loistava Polku, who's playing today, and am curious about the Masquerade that I haven't heard before. This is what I wore to go to the supermarket with my other half, we got food for the weekend, lots of beer for the sauna and food to offer to our guests for tomorrows pre-party. I'm going to bake something nice!

T-shirt - A for Arsenic (it just arrived today!)
Hotpants - GinaTricot
Sandals - Spirit Store

I look like I have no pants since the shirt is so long ;D It's a size large, because that was the only size available when they had a sale last week. I originally got it so I could give it to my other half, but it didn't fit him well so I decided to give it a go myself. 

Is anyone an avid baker? I have a skull baking tray, but I don't know how to use it, or what sort of things I could bake in it. Any recipes are welcome, sweet or salty!

The skull baking tray


  1. Oooooh I have this baking mold too... I often bake chocolate or lemon cake in it... you can use any cake dough for this. I prepare the mold with greasing it with some margerine and then cover it with tiny breadcrumbs so the batter will not stick in the mold ;)

    1. Thanks, such a quick answer! Chocolate cake sounds like an excellent idea, and now I know how to prepare the mold :)

  2. Täällä kans odotetaan lähtöä lumoukseen, joka tapahtuu vasta huomenna. Jännittää!

  3. Pidähän hauskaa! Harmi että tänä vuonna kemut jää itseltäni väliin :/

  4. That baking tin is epic! You have amazing legs by the way, I love the outfit.

  5. I wish we had big Goth festivals here! Oh well, I will come over there someday and hopefully bring my friend, we would have such fun!

    Ohhh cake! Just make sure you grease the tray with butter really well, so it doesn't stick!

    You always look so effortlessly chic, even in a t-shirt! Wow!

    Looking back at a few of your old Lumous outfits, they are pretty awesome! Do you ever make those clockhand tiaras to sell?

  6. I have One and i have it to bake sockerkaka ore kladdkaka. I dont know how to translat it... But its swedeich cakes.
    And sockerkaka can bakes in any flavor, choklate ore Berry ore Apple and kladdkaka is chocklate and a cake that is not baked ready so it more sticky. Realy good with cream ore icecream :)

  7. Hey!! really nice blog, i like it ;)
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    can put it in your blog!! That would mean alot to me!! :)
    Cheers Martin´


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