Sunday, 24 May 2015

WGT 2015 Part 3

Yesterday I spent the day at Agra, finally got my hands on some Met and went to Täubchenthal to listen to some traditional gothic rock. Great bands and delicious cola bier, what more could you ask for?

Today I'm planning to go to Heidnisches Dorf for some more Met and hanging around. In the evening Clan of Xymox and London After Midnight play at Agra, I'll be there!

Yesterday's outfit. I combined Artifice Clothing furry shoulder pads with a super comfy Queen of Darkness dress, Unif boots and a handbag made by Tiina of Rogue.

For the evening I accessorized with some horns! Didn't even poke anyone with them ;D

And this one shows some small accessories at the Queen of Darkness booth at Agra. I'm a sucker for tiny purses, but I have so many of them!


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