Monday, 27 July 2015

Amphi Festival!

I'm not liking the German internet once again, hence the recent silence. I'm in Cologne for the Amphi Festival and I have to say it has been awesome. Despite some bands being cancelled due to a storm on Saturday, I got to listen to many great ones. And I still have some time to do shopping, as I'm flying home on Wednesday. So expect a lot of make-up posts in the near future!

The last band of the festival was VNV Nation, here's a snap from the gig. All of the little lights are lighters and phones, there are so many!


  1. What a lovely picture! VNV Nation are great live, I always dance my butt off!

  2. So it was really you I saw there :)

  3. It was a crazy Amphi :D But was great and fun !


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