Monday, 13 July 2015

Outfit of the Day

Behold the cat hair! I don't understand how one tiny Möttönen can leave such a huge amount of hair on my dress ;D Yesterday was my first time wearing these Killstar leggings, and the same tiny cat slipped on my lap, clung on with nails and managed to make a few small holes in the brand new leggings. I tried a fix for the holes today, I hope it works, because I'd like more wear out of my clothes than just one day!

Dress - Queen of Darkness (sponsored)
Leggings - Killstar
Earrings - Rogue x Bones & Lilies
Boots - Unif High Trench


  1. They look great! Did you also buy them during Killstar's Independence Day sale?

  2. Mulls pitää olla aina kotivaatteet kirpparilta ostettuja, koska muuten tää eläintarha tuhoaa vaatteet hetkessä. Nytkin laitoin uuden mekon päälle (kirpparilta onneksi) ja tunnin päästä oli jo kaksi isoa reikää keskellä kangasta :). Ei näitä sun legginsejä saa tuhota, kun ne on niin ylihienot :).

  3. You look great! Ah, you know a cat's life is not complete if its owner is not covered in fur!


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