Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Purple Liner Look

A super simple look with mauve lips, light neutral smoky eye and just a touch of purple liner. I took the pictures after a trip to Ikea, so I'm a bit shiny and the lipstick is worn. I usually wear colourful liner on just the waterline, but now I put it on as upper lid liner too and it seems to work nicely. I think the purple really brings out the green in my eyes :)

I'm wearing Rare Find by Pollen Cosmetics as a smoky eye. It's a light taupe with a hint of pink sheen, very light and easy to wear. Perfect for quick looks!


  1. Such a simple looks and amazing how a purple eyeliner can look so natural from a little further away. Goes nicely with your eye colour :)

  2. Ihanaa ja yksinkertaista! Kovin nättiä! ^^


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