Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lumous Saturday Outfit

I seem to have forgotten to post this earlier, whoops! On Lumous Saturday I wore the silver Artifice outfit I purchased second hand. It's a lovely set of a top, skirt, corset and sleeves. I wore only one sleeve to show off my tattoo, and chose to go with my purple glitter shoes to compliment the light silver.

The necklace is new, I bought it from Lumissa's Purple Octopus at Dark Market earlier the same day. It goes well with my hair and was perfect with the silver pvc and purple shoes!

Necklace - Lumissa's Purple Octopus
Corset, top, skirt and sleeve - Artifice Clothing
Boots - Second hand (Pennangalan?)

(This pic was taken after the event at home, I'm so proud of how well my make-up lasted and not looking horribly drunk ;D)

My other half wore a striking post-apocalyptic look. He put it all together very last minute, but the outfit is absolutely awesome! I thought he didn't want to wear anything special but he really surprised me. It's not often that he's the more photographed one of us ;P Thanks to Helena for the pictures!


  1. Wow, your outfit is absolutely amazing. Those shoes were really a great choice with it, as was the decision to only wear one sleeve.

  2. I love your outfit! You two look really good together. :)

    Paint It Rogue

  3. So awesome! Love the single sleeve to show the tatts!

  4. You look like a pretty alien! And your fiance gives great contrast to your clean and modern look!

  5. I love the purple boots with the silver outfit!


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