Friday, 10 July 2015

Kate's Clothing Review

Kate's Clothing is an UK company that sells many of the top goth brands. Their store features among many others Killstar, Hell Bunny, Lip Service, Punk Rave and Kreepsville. That means you can get all of these brands with one shipping fee, instead of ordering one item from one shop and the other at another. That's money saved right there!

The selection is very nice, and one thing I especially like is that they only list items that they have in stock. While this means the shop might not have all the items of a collection, it also means you won't have to wait for ages for items to arrive and be only then sent to you.

While the website looks a little bit clunky, it works nicely. The shipping fees are very modest: if you want just one, light item, the shipping can be as low as a little over three pounds (to Finland). For a pair of shoes the shipping 15.26 pounds, which is still a very nice price by my standards.

My tunic took some time to arrive, but this time I blame the Finnish postal system, as all mail was late ;D I trust Kate's Clothing ships fast, local postal services cannot really be helped!

I'm wearing the Necessary Evil Gothic Studded Sin Dress that Kate's Clothing sent me to review. I have to say it's quite short for a dress on me. I'm not very tall (167 cm) so if you are looking to buy this dress and are tall, expect to wear shorts with it or be very bold ;P I'm wearing little shorts underneath and the dress was a great choice for a hot day, the open back cools you off! The fabric is soft and thick and drapes lovely, just like it should on a loose fitting garment such as this. The rivets seem sturdy and not the type that falls off fast. I've owned other Necessary Evil clothes before and their quality is much to my liking. The designs are quirky, unique but work with many classic goth garments.

Necessary Evil Gothic Studded Sin Dress (sponsored)

The waterfall neckline is wonderful.

The open back is a lovely detail!

Go and take a look at what Kate's Clothing has to offer! I myself am eyeing this pyramid handbag by Killstar, because it just so happens that Kate's Clothing has the same price for the bag as Killstar's shop, but the shipping fee is lower!


  1. En ole Kate's Clothingilta suoraan tilannut mitään, mutta mulla on jo monen monta vuotta vanha kaupan oman mallistin liituraitainen merenneitohelmainen hame, joka on aivan mahtava. Hameen malli on todella hyvä ja aika ahkerasta käytöstä huolimatta edelleen ihan priima.

  2. I really like that piece. I want!

  3. You look great! It is short though!

  4. Karoliina, my blog has a 6% discount coupon (MODASUB6) in Kate´s Clothing! Maybe you can use it in your next purchase ;D

  5. I ordered a pentagram harness from kates clothing last week, I can't wait for it to arrive!


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