Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pentagram Earrings by Killstar

I think I'm having a Killstar phase in my life ;D I have a few of their dresses, few pairs of leggings, a handbag and now I extended my collection to large pentagram earrings. I have to say that while these babies look gorgeous, they are quite heavy and cumbersome to wear. I solved the heaviness problem by ordering a packed of Lobe Wonder patches. They are small silicone patches with glue that you put on your lobes to cover the earring hole. You then thread the earring through the porous patch. The patch divides the weight of the earring on a much larger area than just the tiny hole, making them way more comfortable to wear. The patch itself you can't really feel, and it's clear so it doesn't grab attention.

Here's about a million pictures of me with the earrings because so many came out nice :> I really like how this look turned out! I'm wearing MAC Cyber lipstick and a simple neutral smoky eye.

If you look close, you can see the Lobe Wonder patches in these pics.
The patches can also be worn on the back of the ear lobe, but I felt they gave
more support on the front side.


  1. Oh thanks for the warning! I was considering buying them, but I hate heavy earrings. I have very sensitive ears and would never wear them... What a pity! ^^

  2. Those look really awesome but so heavy. I almost put them on my wishlist but I think I will pass.

  3. I wear heavy earrings through my tunnels since I have stretched ears, it's still heavy but doesn't pull on my lobe as when I would put them underneath the tunnels

    Love the way these look on you!

  4. I wamt almost all the Killstar clothes but I don' t have enough money!

  5. Did you do your eyebrows differently that day? They steal the show for me, love your makeup :)

  6. Upeita kuvia! Isot roikkuvat korvakorut on ihania. :) Otin itse mallia The Mutant Stomp Friends -blogin pitäjältä ja hankin 3mm plugit, jotka ovat ontot. Siitä voi pujottaa painavat renkaat läpi. Ne ei kylläkään toimi sitten muiden roikkuvien korvakorujen kanssa, sillä plugi on niin pitkä, ettei koukkua voi pujotta sen läpi oikeaan asentoon. >_>

  7. Gorgeous makeup, I love MAC Cyber!


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