Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pink on Pink on Pink Look

The post person brought my latest make-up order in today. I wanted a tea lipstick, so after consulting my fellow beauty enthusiasts on Facebook, I made an order to My Beauty Addiction to get their "Teal with It" lipstick. It felt silly to get just one item, since the shipping to Finland was a bit expensive, so I got a few other items too. I wanted to try their eyeshadows, so I chose to get a Mineral Eyeshadow Quad with colours that went well together, and a neutral lipstick, because I've been wearing those quite often lately.

My look is done with Lip Paint in Vintage and eyeshadows called Sangria, Illumi, Blossom and Ruby Slipper. The quad doesn't have a name, but here's a link to it. I have to say that Illumi is not very much like the picture in the listing. The shop picture shows a light beige, but Illumi is actually a pale peachy pink. It's a pretty colour, but not alike to the listing, and quite close to Blossom. Having both Blossom and Illumi in the same set seems excess, I'd much rather have one light pink and one matte beige, than a shimmery pink and a matte peachy pink.

I didn't have a lip liner to match Vintage, but it's a very nice mauve and super easy to wear. It's a little bit darker than my lips to give definition and has a satin finish. I also got Color Rich Lipsticks in Teal with Me and Aquatic, but I'll show those to you later! The brows are Aromaleigh Obsession with liner liquid. And that's my too-lazy-to-brush-my-hair bun ;P

Illumi on the brow bone and inner corner, Blossom on lid, Ruby Slipper in the crease and just a touch of Sangria in the deepest crease for definition.

Lip Paint in Vintage.

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