Thursday, 20 August 2015

Faline and Neutral Eyes

Today I wanted to try out another one of the La Splash lipsticks. This one is called Faline. Faline is a bold dark pink, so I decided to pair it with neutral eyes, but felt like they needed a little bit of extra. This is where my new Urban Decay liner comes in! Yesterday I bought two liners, and of them was just the right shade to go with today's eyes. It's a matte purple called Plushie. I applied Plushie as upper lid liner with the tiniest wing and on the waterline to really define my eyes well. I'm really impressed with the lasting power of both Plushie and Faline, both were almost pristine after a full day at work.

Fyrinnae Moonchild on the lid, Fyrinnae Sloth Snuggles in the crease. The liner is Plushie, a matte purple by Urban Decay.

La Splash Studio Shine Lip Lustre in Faline. The lipstick looks a bit darker IRL.


  1. I love that lipstick, now I have to find some friends who will order at La Splash Studio with me... And aren't Urban Decay Eyeliners just the best? I always thought they were really hyped, but when I tried them I was converted! Still a hefty price tag....

  2. Olet varmaan jossain postauksessa sanonutkin, mutta olen miettinyt, että millä tuotteella teet kulmakarvasi? :)


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