Saturday, 22 August 2015

Urban Decay Party

I felt super lucky to get an invite to the launch party of Urban Decay cosmetics in Finland! The event was held at a nightclub in Helsinki, so I had to sit in the train for hours to get there, but boy was the make-up pretty! I've been using Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer for over five years, but previously have had to hoard it from abroad or order online. Aside from primer, I only owned a Naked Basics palette, which is my go-to palette for business trips. It has the perfect neutral shades for a light look during the day and a faint smoky eye for evening occasions.

The best part of the event was to be able to try out make-up by Urban Decay and really get to know the selection.

The Electric palette. I might need to buy this eventually, I like the bright colours!

There were Urban Decay's make-up artists at the event and the possibility to have them do fast looks. I had put on some make up at home, but wanted to try a smoky eye with the lovely purples UD has. The following pictures are taken by Panda from Piece of Panda, we went to the event together and it was so much fun finally meeting her in person instead of just online!

Urban Decay is now available at Sokos department stores in Tampere and Helsinki, and from Sokos' online store. I've already visited the Tampere counter twice to get two eyeliner pencils and a glitter liner! I'm so happy that finally I can get Primer Potion fast and easy if I run out, and I'm sure I'll love many of the other products Urban Decay offers. I've set my eye on the Electric palette and Naked 3 seems to be calling my name :)


  1. Wondering what their availability in Australia is, I will have to go looking! Sooooo gorgeous! I want most of them!

  2. yes! LUCKY. How did they contact you or find you?

  3. I love it!


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