Sunday, 9 August 2015

I'm Back!

Whew, what a busy business trip! I had planned to do shopping, but I had no time for that. In the last two days at Cologne the only free time I had I used to wash my hair ;D But it was still fun, it's great to meet fellow game enthusiasts.

Here's a few pictures from my ventures to GDC Europe, Gamescom and the city of Cologne.

Playing Fallout Shelter. I did my nails with an awesome thermo nail polish that goes from black to blue.

Me and a TIE Fighter at Gamescom.

A bathroom selfie from Paradox Fan Gathering.

I had a letter from Urban Decay waiting for me at home, yay!

Möttönen the cat inspecting the loot I brought home. I love my Chirpy plushie with its squished crown!
My vacation is now officially over and I'll be back to business as usual tomorrow. Seems like the summer finally arrived to Finland, but I'll be enjoying the air conditioning at the office ;P

I have a pile of make-up that I want to try out and show you guys! Especially the Colour Pop order that's on its way is very exciting, so expect to have plenty of posts in the future!


  1. Nuo kynnet! Wää. Näytät kauniilta as always :)

  2. I think you had a splendid time in Germany! I would have loved to meet you here, but it was not happening...


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