Saturday, 1 August 2015

Shopping in Germany

I'm already packing my bags for the next trip, but here's a look at what I bought from Cologne. I like to shop at the cheap drugstores, because they have way better prices than Finland and carry more brands.

We don't have Kiko in Finland, so I always like to see what they offer. The nail polished are very nice quality for the low price, and occasionally other make-up catches my eye as well. I bought two nail polishes, a glass nail file, a glitter liner and a purple eyeliner. Essence recently came to Finland, but it's not yet available in my home city. I just couldn't resist the cute little shimmer pearls! I was also shopping for a beauty blogger colleague who asked me to get her two crystal liners, which looked so nice that I decided to get me a pair too ;P

Weleda massage oil was recommended to me. I've so far only used Lush's massage bars, but tried the oil yesterday and it's very nice. The peel off nail polish base is something I've wanted to try with glitter polishes. Glitter is such a b*tch to get off! The hand cream was an impulse buy, my hands were dry and I didn't pack any hand cream.

Super cute shimmer pearls by Essence!

Kiko nail polishes and a P2 peel-off base coat.

Kiko glitter eyeliner and Essence crystal liners.
Lets see what else I will hoard on my next trip, or if I even have any time to shop since it's a business trip!


  1. Oi löytöjä! Saksaan olisi kyllä mukava päästä meikkiostoksille!

  2. I have that cooler shade (turquoise/pearly) of the Essence eyeliner and I love it, it looks amazing on the eyelids! <3 you just have to put on a few coats to make it stand out more, 'cause it's not very opaque.


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