Wednesday, 19 August 2015

La Splash Ghoulish and Friends

Ever since I bought Sebastian, the greige nude lipstick from OCC, I've had a liking for grey nudes. When I came across Ghoulish by La Splash cosmetics, I knew I had to have it! Their shipping is a bit steep so I ended up making an order together with a friend to keep the costs down. I got 8 lippies in total, but that's absolutely reasonable because I found a -10% discount code, right? Right?! Liquid to matte formula is my absolute favourite so I totally needed the whole bunch ;P

I swatched some of the lippies and took pictures. The dark shades look awesome and Ghoulish is just what I was looking for, a perfect matte greige!

Tiana, Faline, Malevolent, Untamed, Vampire and Ghoulish.

Skin swatches in the same order: Tiana, Faline, Malevolent, Untamed, Vampire and Ghoulish. On lips the shades are a little bit darker because of the pigment lips have.
Tiana, Faline (looking brighter that IRL) and Malevolent.

Untamed, Vampire and Ghoulish. Ghoulish looks too warm in this picture, the one below is more accurate on my screen. I can't wait to try out Untamed, the dark brown looks so interesting!

I applied Ghoulish in the morning before going to work. This is what it looks on my lips after 10+ hours, a Turkish buffet lunch and an ice cream with whipped cream on top an no touch-ups. I'm amazed!

There is wear in the middle, but not much, and the lipstick does not crumble visibly as some matte liquid-to-mattes do.

I was in a hurry so just mascara and neat brows to go with Ghoulish!

Möttönen the cat seems very serious. I went to see the new Urban Decay counter
at Sokos Tampere and tried eyeliners, that's why I have coloured squiggles on my hand!


  1. Kääks! Mä rakastan näitä punia :). Mua vaan niin harmittaa, kun nää menee tulliin ja tulee kamalat maksut vielä isojen postareiden päälle. Onhan ne silti halvempia kuin KVD tai ABH mutta sylettää anyways. Miksei Suomessa voida myydä näitä? Mä haluaisin sen uuden pastellisävykokoelman kokonaan! Ghoulish on munkin lemppari näistä sekä Vindictive (vihreänharmaa).

    1. Nää on kyllä ihania! Postarit on tosiaan aika stydit ja jos jää tulliin, lompakko ei tykkää. Mun tilaukseni ei sattumalta jäänyt, mikä oli tosi onnekasta! Saisivat kyllä tulla Suomeenkin, tai edes hyvä valikoima johonkin EU:n sisälle.

  2. Ha! How funny! I was looking for this exact product =P
    I adore that matte purple from lime crime, but make up isn't exactly a main priority for my money hehe, so then I found out about LA Splash's dupe for it. I'm glad it now has your seal of approval =D

  3. I have Vampire, and I really love it :D


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