Monday, 24 August 2015

Glitter and Corsets

I ordered these falls for Amphi, but despite the promises of the seller, they were not completed in time. I only tried them on today and I have to say they are far too thin for me. I can't cover my own hair with them, they barely cover my buns when I pull all of the dreads to the front. I do like these pictures a lot, but the falls won't work for clubwear. I'll be doing a proper review later after I've discussed with the seller (who already claimed it's the post office's fault they came late, although she was seven days late from the promised schedule and did not notify me of any delays...)

But on to the pictures! Today I started work on touching up the upper edge of my sleeve tattoo, as the lace pattern there is too tight and already after a few years is beginning to loose sharpness. This meant lasering the edge so the ink can fade and a new edge can be tattooed. The lasering felt really nasty, and I had a long day at work, so I needed to do something fun to relax at home afterwards. What could be more relaxing than playing with glitter and corsets?

I did a glitter look loosely following Nude's tutorial. I used a different liner, Urban Decay's Junkie, and did the crease shadow with pure black eyeshadow so it would go well with my PVC shrug. The corset is new, I got it from ReStyle to use as undergarment as it has a gorgeous waist curve, but haven't gotten around to using it much yet. Necklace is by Lumissa's Purple Octopus.

The lipstick is Malevolent by La Splash, the perfect dark cool red!


How do you like the cooler tones I chose for the pictures? I'm trying out Adobe Lightroom and have taken a liking to adjusting the lighting to be really blue-ish, I think it works with the shades I usually wear, and it makes my skin look so nice and pale!


  1. You look stunning! Such a shame the falls are disappointing! I looooove all the shades of purple in this picture! I also really love the way you lined your bottom lids!

  2. You look amazing, I hope that everything figures out with the seller in the end!

  3. The dreads are really cute, too bad they do not have great coverage! I love these photos, the outfit and makeup are amazing!


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