Monday, 17 August 2015

WGT Market Area

I uncovered some more WGT pictures from this year! These are from the marketplace area at Agra. It's a true candy shop for any goth. So many stalls with everything from mass-produced wardrobe staples to unique, hand-crafted items. Something for each wallet and style.

The best kind of shoes: ones with kitties on them.

A gorgeous tricorne hat.

Little pocket watches with unique decorations.

More of the same.

Steampunk style clothing.

Lovely, delicate hairpins.

A little purse.

Drinking horns!

A crystal skull.

Bibian Blue had one of their gorgeous butterfly dresses on show.

And a bunch of corsets.

Bibian Blue skeletal dress.

New Rock boot heaven.


  1. I love shops like this. The butterfly dress is my favourite!

  2. Would love to go shopping there ^^

  3. Toi luurankomekko iski mun tajuntaan... eikä lähde ihan heti pois! Voi kun tuollaista saisi edes sovittaa joskus päälensä <3.

  4. Heaven!! Or hell...if you don't have any money xD

    1. Too right! It is torture when you see lovely things you cannot have!

  5. I will have the catboots, watch and butterfly dress please! ;)


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