Friday, 17 February 2012


Since me and my other half have five cats, it's only natural to write about them. He had two cats and I had three when we moved in together. The kitties took some time to adjust, since we had both females and males (all sterilized/neutered) and they had to work out who's the boss. Luckily we have a big apartment, so it wasn't an issue to put cats in separate rooms during the work days when we were both away, and now the whole bunch lives mostly happily together. Just the occasional smack on the head.

We have two "regular cats" and three orientals. If you know how orientals are, you also know that life is never boring with one, let alone with three and two other cats to urge them on. They are very social and want to participate in EVERYTHING. They like to sleep in the same bed as us, and loudly complain if anyone dares to roll over. I usually have a cat or two on my lap when using the computer and at least two or three when I'm lounging on the sofa. If you go to an empty room, Möttönen is already there and wants food. Or Mü or Mør tries to trip you.

Möttönen is a three-year-old chocolate silver spotted oriental shorthair. She loves everything and most of all food. I'm absolutely sure she can be at several places at once. Wherever there's trouble or something breaks, Möttönen is there. She was supposed to be named Mette, after the Danish princess, but she was just too silly to have a royal name. Thus she became Mette Möttönen, Möttönen being a silly-sounding Finnish surname. She was also supposed to have kittens, but instead just went on wild sex holidays to spend time with boy-kitties, but never came back with babies. Her current favourite hobby, now that she's sterilized, is to eat as much as she can and yowl like she's starving whenever anyone comes to the kitchen.

This is Mü. He's also three, as is his brother. They are nice blue-white regular cats, not as social as orientals, but have a wonderful personality. Mü is a bit shy and likes to hide beneath the hems of my maxi skirts hanging on a clothes rack. He also likes to take naps with people, but strictly limits his with-people-sleeping to daytime, he never comes to bed at night.

Mør is Mü's brother, they are from the same litter. He likes playing, but doesn't always understand when the other kitties don't want to play with him, and then he gets smacked on the head by one of the girls. He also knows when to hide under the dining room table when he's done something naughty. Both brothers specialize in looking very innocent with their big, round eyes.

Nana, this is her normal expression.

Nana is a cranky lady. She's a chocolate ticked oriental, almost seven and likes to sleep under covers and smack the young brothers and Möttönen on the head. She hates it when people sneeze and regally goes around and tries every lap when people come and visit. She likes to sleep in a tight ball and has a cool tusk, since her teeth have been crooked from birth. She can be a lovely cat when she wants, but also a bad-tempered biatch if people sneeze too much or others cats are closer to her than she likes.

Last but not the least, Nivek, named after Nivek Ogre. He's my first cat and just had his seventh birthday in January. He's a chocolate solid oriental and a big sissy. The girls rule over him even though he's biggest of the cats. He's a bit shy, but is all purring machine every once in a while. He's terrified of people with shoes on, plastic bags and silicone insoles (for shoes). He came from a home with very active young children, so they may have played rough with him, but I don't know for sure. He's still very easy to handle and takes direction well. He's also so greedy that I was able to teach him to give paw and lie down when commanded, just by using some cheese as a reward. I'm pretty sure he would do anything to get cheese spread. This is the fifth apartment Nivek has lived in so far and he's been with me for most of my adult life. I got him as soon as I moved to live on my own, since my parents didn't allow any pets.

Here's some extra pictures of all the kitties!


  1. I love the one when Mu is trying to lick his nose. classic.

  2. Awwww. I love your kitties.

  3. They are so sweet!!! I love Nana's expressions.

  4. wow your kitties are beautiful! I desperately want a cat, but I don't think a cat would ever get on with my 2 ratties :)

  5. Gorgeous cat family you have there!

  6. Thank you all!

    Sarah, the shot was a nice accident, I was sure I missed the moment when photographing but there it was on the memory card after I checked all the pics!

    Marvelle, I've had rats and cats at the same time, my kitties were actually scared of the rats! When the rats were out of the cage, cats were in a separate room, but the cats never went to sit on the cage or otherwise harassed the rats. I'm sure a kitten could be taught to respect rats :)


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