Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Evil Shades Swatches

I have quite many eyeshadows from Evil Shades, So I thought I'd swatch them all. I also have blushes, powder and lip products, but those will be on another post, this one is dedicated to eyeshadows!

When Andrea from Evil Shades was hosting a competition on designing new labels, I participated and was very happy that she chose my design! Most of my eyeshadows were from the competition and web design I've done for her later on. I think the labels came out really nice!

Samples and full sizes, and look at my wacky pink leopard fabric!

My favourites are some of the pinks and purples, so I swatched everything from that colour family separately. Everything is swatched on top of Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae.

(From left to right)
Suffocation - My all time favourite pink so far! A nice cool toned pink with a visible blue shift. Goes well with plum purples, like Sugarpill Poison Plum.
Chusi - A deep pulm purple with blue glitter.
Panic - A warm flashy pink, shimmery.
Faerie's Song - Lilac with blue glitter, shimmery.
Illusive - Matte warm purple.
Sweet Alice - Light baby pink with teal glitter, shimmery.
Nightshade - Like Illusive, but with blue glitter

Suffocation, Chusi, Panic, Faerie's Song, Illusive, Sweet Alice, Nightshade

The the rest of the colours. I picked a lot of turquoise shades, they are my favourites along with purples and pinks, and got a few shades that I didn't feel looked like me but wanted to try something new.

Cranberry Champagne - A rusty red color with gold glitter.
Sinister - Very bright turquoise, looks stunning in real life. Very shimmery.
Faerie Garden - Greenish turquoise with shimmer
Bittersweet Symphony - A very pretty light peachy orange with shimmer.
Whoo R You? - Light grass green with glitter.
Banshee - A true turquoise with same colour glitter.
Faerie Dreams - A blue-based light turquoise with matching glitter.
Victorian Night - A blueish grey shade with very pretty blue and green glitter.

Cranberry Champagne, Sinister, Faerie Garden, Bittersweet Symphony, Whoo R You?, Banshee, Faerie Dreams, Victorian Night
I also took pictures of every colour in the pot. They are a bit darker than in real life, but most colours tend to look lighter on skin than in the container.


Whoo R You?


Cranberry Champagne

Panic (is much lighter on lid)



Sweet Alice


Suffocation (looks really dark in the pic!)

The rest are samples in clamshells. I've been thinking of putting them into jars, because the clams tend to puff some of the shadow out when I close them.

Victorian Night

Faerie Garden

Faerie Dreams

Faerie's Song

Bittersweet Symphony

That's all! I'll do another post on blushes, since I have many that I'm really fond of. Any ideas on what to use Illusive with? It's the matte plummy purple, but it's a really red shade and I haven't been able to come up with any ideas on what to pair it with :)


  1. I think Illusive would look great with Suffocation, Panic, Sweet Alice, and Victorian Night. Of course not all together LOL.

  2. Beautiful swatches and these are some of my favorites. I am a purple, pink, teal/aqua girl. (Just look at my hair)

  3. You can use Illusive with Sweet Alice ;)

  4. Thank you all! I'll be sure to try Illusive with light pinks :)


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