Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crocheting a Rug

Our bathroom needed a new rug, the old one was years old, faded and so full of kitty litter that I was afraid to put it in the washing machine. I found instructions on how to crotchet a rug after I taught myself to crochet before Christmas and did a few baskets. A few too much, that is, since my right hand was overworked and hurt for a few weeks ;P Now I couldn't stand looking at the pretty yarns any more! I had ordered lots of yarn for the baskets and the same type was fine for a rug.

I used a pattern, it's basically this with some holes in it (I'm new to crocheting, can you tell?) but the one I had is this (it's in Finnish only, sorry!), I only made it smaller. You can make the bulky yarn from old t-shirts, if you want to.

Here's my rug! It's about 60cm in diameter and took me maybe three hours to do. I got blisters but my hands don't hurt, so I went better than with the baskets ;) I improvised some parts and the centre is somehow deformed, but I think it's still fine. As long as it doesn't curl up in any direction, I'm happy!


  1. Love this! We need some little area rugs, and I've been trying to motivate myself to pick some out - screw that, I'm going to crochet some for us. And then they'll be perfectly what I want, instead of "close enough." You are a smart, smart lady. And talented!

    1. Go for it! It was fun and didn't take too long, the bulky yarn is fast to crochet :)


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