Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sugarpill Lashes!

I got a package on Friday with the Sugarpill false lashes I ordered about a week ago. I was a bit unsure about ordering, since I had just ordered some cheap falsies from eBay, but Sugarpill's new lashes looked so nice and the prices were reasonable, so I just couldn't help myself ;)

The package! I had cheesecake for breakfast, sorry about the dishes ;)

What's inside?

You can see I got a bit excited when shopping for lashes ;)

I ordered Supreme, Stormy, Saint, Angel Baby and Baby Dewdrop lashes. I honestly could have just gotten one of everything, and I'm kind of contemplating on getting the rainbow coloured individual lashes. They look really pretty in pictures!

Here's the whole bunch!

Baby Dewdrop Eyelashes. These have small sequins on the underside, so that they show when your eyes are open.

Stormy Eyelashes

Saint Eyelashes

Angel Baby Eyelashes. I wore these already, that's why they have some eyeshadow on them!

Supreme Eyelashes

The Supreme lashes might be a bit over the top for my small eyes, but maybe I can find some use for them. All the other lashes seem really usable, they are light and the lash band is soft. I already wore the Angel Baby lashes on a night out and they were super comfy! I think all lashes I've had before have been a bit scratchy, but these had a soft band and conformed to my eye shape really well. They were also small enough so I didn't have to cut them at all. 

The packaging is very pretty, and also very usable. The lashes are in a plastic case and the cardboard cover slides over it, keeping the case neatly closed. I'm really fond of the lacquer details on the cardboard print, it's really hard to capture on camera but the Sugarpill logo, instructions frame on the back, Eyelash Overdose -text and the black swirls are done in shiny lacquer, and the rest of the cover is matte. Looks so nice!

There was also a sample of Goldilux, a business card and a pink glittery sticker in the package. I already had a Goldilux sample from my last order, but more doesn't hurt, and the sticker is so cute! I only had the teal version before.

I haven't tried all the lashes on yet, but they seem to be of good quality and I like how the packages keep my vanity clutter-free. The Supreme lashes were 8 dollars, other pairs were 5 dollars a piece. I feel they are worth every penny!


  1. Oh they look awesome. I really like the Saint lashes. ^.^

  2. You are making me want to order them right now! They look so nice! Especially Stormy, Saint, and Angel Baby

  3. Thank you all! The Saint lashes look really pretty, I'll try them on next once I get rid of this nasty cold I got :)


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