Friday, 24 February 2012

Starling Look

I only have one picture of this look, somehow all the others turned out to be blurry or just otherwise bad. I did tiny eyebrows just because I thought they looked cool and quickly put on some eyeshadow and liner. I wore this for playing boardgames with friends, so not a big event ;) I and played horribly, one mistake on round three and the seven rounds after were just waiting since there was no way to get back on your feet! Otherwise I liked the Game of Thrones boardgame, it had lots of scheming and interesting tactical choices. Now I also know that it has no "rubber band" mechanic to get players back in on the action if you mess up in the beginning ;) Better luck next time!

I used:
Sugarpill Tako (on inner corner and towards the centre of the lid)
Sugarpill Starling (outer corner, lid and crease)
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
Kanebo 38 Mascara


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