Friday, 17 January 2014


I really liked the bat earrings I got a while ago, so I went browsing on Lumissa's Purple Octopus' Facebook page and found a set of earrings and necklace I really liked. Luckily they were still for sale so I just had to get them! They are bee themed and I think they have a nice steam punk vibe going on.

The necklace has a big bee, some gears and black glass beads.

Almost getting the earring in focus ;P

And there! There are tiny bees on the earrings!


  1. Replies
    1. Kiitos! Mä tykkään isoista koruista kun muuten ei ole yläpäähän ihan kauheasti muotoja siunaantunut, voi kätevästi täyttää ison kaula-aukon jättämän tilan ihanilla koruilla!

  2. They look lovely! I always find bee things vaguely mythical, something about a half remembered Greek legend about golden bees?

    1. Thanks! I remember seeing ancient Egyptian bee jewelry somewhere, maybe in the British Museum. They were tiny golden hair beads or clips, if I remember correctly. Bees do seem mythical!


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