Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Review

I grabbed a list of questions from Ida's blog and modified them a bit. After a nice Christmas and a wild New Year's eve I like to look back on the past year.

1. Have you done something you've never done before?
Started pole dancing, visited Iceland and dyed my hair teal.

2. Have you been in (a) relationship(s)?
Yes, the same one still ;)


3. What are your best memories from the past year?
I loved seeing geysers in Iceland and visiting the Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig. I'm really fondly remembering Anniina and Jani's wedding, I was really happy since my other half and I had talked of big things and came out seeing eye-to-eye. And the venue and the party were great!

4. Have you changed a lot in the last year?
I'd say I've grown as a person. Maybe not too much, but I'm happy with myself and my life, so I don't feel an urgent need to grow in any direction.

5. Have you learned new skills?
Yes! Everything dance related.

6. Have you gone to the movies alone?
Nope, I did plan it but never found the time. I'm not even sure if I've been to a movie at all last year...

7. Did you get a tattoo or a piercing?
No, but I have been dreaming of continuing my half sleeve some day now.

8. Which countries did you visit?
Germany (twice, Leipzig in May for WGT and Berlin later for just a holiday) and Iceland. Iceland was awesome, but going there in January wasn't the best idea, it was always sleeting and dark ;P


9. What do you hope from the year 2014 that you didn't get in 2013?
Less drama and more happiness! And a trip to the Stonehenge would be great.

10. What's your biggest achievement in 2013?
Making a plan on how to finish my studies and starting to exercise more by going to the dance studio once a week.

11. What's your biggest failure in 2013?
Can't say, I don't think I failed much. I'm usually pretty careful and go through risks before doing things. Or maybe I'm just forgetful ;P I did get a fail on one exam, but I'm still trying to get it re-evaluated, because the grade just doesn't seem fair. But at the moment, it's a fail!

12. Did you suffer any injuries?
Nope, can't remember any. I did burn my finger with the glue gun and had plenty of bruises from hitting my legs against the dancing pole, but nothing major.

13. What was the best thing you bought?
I can't think of anything! I'll say the Unif High Trench boots, although technically my other half bought them. But I've been wearing them almost every day after they arrived (and I took them to the cobbler to get a rubber layer glued to the soles to make them not suck in little stones ;P).

14. What excited you most?
Pole dancing. It's been a long time since I've been so excited about anything! I got a pole at home as well and just recently found a spray that's helps skin grip the pole better. I also invested money in a good body lotion, because dry skin has no grip. And I registered on a pole dancing forum and have been looking at videos and learning the names of different moves and so on. All the signs of being very excited!

15. Compared to this day last year, are you happier or sadder?
I'd say about the same. Last year I was very excited about the new apartment, now I've gotten used to it but I still love the place.

16. ...thinner or fatter?
The scale says fatter, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly muscle because I still wear all the same clothes. I used to have these sad looking wiry arms, but now there are actual visible muscles!

17. ...richer or poorer?
A bit richer. My parents gave me 1/9th of a summer cottage, maybe this year I'll make room in my calendar to actually go there and enjoy the place.

18. What would you have wanted to do more/less?
I think there's never enough time to spend with friends, so this year I'll try to do even better and meet more people.

19. What was your favourite TV show?
Orange Is the New Black was a surprising favourite. I'm eagerly awaiting the next season!

20. What was your favourite game?
I didn't play that much last year, but of the ones I did play memorable games were Planescape: Torment (I played it when it first came out in 1999, but replaying was still great since it's been a "while"), The Walking Dead by Telltale Games (I love interactive fiction style games!) and Godus. Godus is kind of a tricky case, I bought it as an early release and it was supposed to be updated weekly and be developed with help from the community. Now it's been almost three months since the last update and the game is far from finished. I still do enjoy it, and I'll pick it right up once the next update finally is released!

21. What was the best book you read?
I've been a lazy reader, too! I went on a nostalgy trip and re-read some books I liked as a teenager. Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock was a wholly different experience as a grown-up, so that's my choice.

22. band you found?
I really got into Angels of Liberty. They released a new album just now, I need to get it!

23. performance you saw?
Grausame Töchter in WGT. They played in a small space that was packed with people, and some parts I saw only on the screens of the phones the people standing in front of me were holding. The performance was really intense, and I didn't really know the band but still was fascinated by the show. I still want to mention KMFDM too, because they were awesome! And my other half singing The Mission's Love Me To Death at our friends' wedding, because that's just dear.

24. What did you want and got?
I mostly get what I want, because I go and get it myself ;P

25. What did you want but didn't get?
The abdominal muscles to do an invert on the pole. Any day now, it's so close! And a kitten, but I'm working on that.

26. Who did you miss?
My brother. He's so busy these days, it's hard to get a hold of him!

Möttönen is a pro at lying on the armrest.


  1. Munkin isoveli on nykyään jopa entistäkin kiireisempi. Ennen se ikävä vaivasi minua enemmän, mutta olen jo tottunut siihen. Perhe-elämä vie suurimman osan hänen ajastaan. Ehkä pitäisi tarjoutua lapsenvahdiksi, vaikka pelkään niin suurta vastuuta! :D

    1. Mun velikultani tekee keikkahommia kuvaajana ja valaisijana, aikataulut vaan muuttuu niin nopeesti ettei aina voi suunnitella mitään. Mutta eikös lapset lähinnä nuku ja syö, tuskin sellasten kanssa ihan kauhean vaikeeta voi olla ;P

    2. Niin, pitäisi vain uskaltaa.. Hih, mun veli taas on muusikko! :D Keikat ne hänenkin aikaansa ovat usein vieneet. Nykyään hän tosin opiskelee toista alaa, vaikka jatkaa edelleen musiikkihommia.

  2. Happy 2014 :)



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