Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sammydress Jacket Review

Sammydress contacted me a while ago and offered a gift card in exchange for a review. I went to have a peek at their site and saw that they had many items that would work with any goth wardrobe, so I gave it a go.

After a lot of browsing I decided on a jacket that looked very cool. It's called a "Zipper Shrugged Shoulder Pad PU Leather Solid Color Coat For Women", you can find it here. It's under a section called dance costumes, which I suspect might mean club wear, but it has awesome glittery things.

This is the store picture from Sammydress.

If you are ordering clothing from Sammydress, make sure to look at the measurements of the garment. The only size available of the jacket was large, so I though I'll just take it in if it's too big. It fit me perfectly and is even a little snug on the sleeves. I usually wear size small, so the clothing is bit on the small side, I'd say ;P

The package was sent fast and arrived in a little over two weeks, which I consider very reasonable. Sammydress ships from China so it's quite a long way for package to travel to Finland. My jacket was securely packed in a plastic envelope and a clear plastic bag. I paid for a tracking number but while it was activated, it never really showed where the package was, so you might want to consider if you want to spend money on it.

The size was right, which surprised me but when I checked on the site, the measurements of the large size do match the jacket. I could have fit a medium, but the main problem area would be the sleeves. Then again shortening them would not be a big deal.

The jacket came with a matching belt which was in the same clear bag, so I assume it's a set with the jacket. It's just a strip of the same material with a velcro closing. It's not listed on the site as a part of the jacket and not seen on the model either.

The jacket is made of thin faux leather but the material looks and feels nice. The shoulders have a little foam padding in the tips to keep the shape. The collar needs some coercing to stay in the right place, the right side was bend a little in the package but it looks like it settles nicely when you keep it under some weight (like a thick book on it overnight). The triangular extensions on the sides are lined at the ends. It isn't perfect, but works for me, and I wasn't expecting superb quality for such a low price. 

I did notice that the cut isn't exactly the same as on the site, mine has a different collar, but it's close enough. Also the shoulders are pointier in the shop picture, my jacket's are a bit more rounded. There's some threads sticking out, but all the seams are intact and nothing is coming loose. I suspect it's a knock-off but I couldn't find a picture of the original, so I'm not sure.

My experience with Sammydress was a good one. The jacket isn't exactly as in the pictures in the shop, but close, and seems like it's of decent quality. I thinking of ordering again because they stock these lovely black velvet versions of the spine heel shoes!

+ Low prices
+ HUGE selection
+ Fast shipping

- The website is a bit hard to navigate because of the amount of items
- High shipping fees on shoes (for my jacket the shipping was a little over 8 dollars, so for clothing it's less)
- Sizing might fool you
- The product can differ from shop pictures

My jacket being worn. More pics in the Lady Gaga Shoot!


  1. There are tons of sites like those. They are from China. They basically work with an original model which they copy and make it look as much exact as they can.
    The reason why the shipping is expensive is because that's the way they do the money. The cloth, shoes, etc. themselves are all cheap cause are all made from cheap material and cheap worklabor (sad... but it's the truth). The shipping differs sometimes depending on the packaging, some of these companies might charge very low for shipping, but you can also expect the worst packaging ever. Once I ordered some jewellery from one of these places, and it arrived inside an ice cream cup all crushed!. And another time from a different company but which elaborated the same stuff and it came in a wonderful package with all the items safe.

    I like your review on this one as I haven't used it before. I used others but they are more or less the same in quality like and and also you can find them on When you are very familiar with the items and companies you can know which price is fair, as some might want to ask for the coats 60 £ when they are only worth 10 £!!!.

    Also, as they are from China that's the reason why you mentioned that it felt small, it's cause the sizes are asian, so a size 10 uk for an asian is like a size 6 uk ´-´ Got to be very careful.

    I love the item you choose and I'm very tempted in gettng the same one. It looks wonderful in you. = ) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I usually buy my cheap Chinese things from eBay, but I liked how Sammydress is nicer to browse than eBay. If you know the item you want, then eBay is easier, but for window shopping Sammydress rules! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Well, I'm waiting for an item: shoes... Let's see if it's ok - the order was a bit bumpy but let's see. They gave me and number for tracking but I can't see where the order is.
    i usually don't buy from China because mainly of the time it takes to arrive, it's been 2 weeks, maybe i'll be lucky like u.

    A Strangeness in me Blog

    1. I hope they arrive soon! I think packages coming a long way are more prone to delays, I too only order Chinese items if I know I have lots of time to wait.

  4. That jacket is soooo awesome!!! <3 I love that type of shoulders on them :P


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