Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Femme Fatale Look

I love Femme Fatale's duochromes, I confess! I have a few and decided to order those very same ones for the 600 readers giveaway because they were just gorgeous. They had a sale at the time so I wanted to try a few new ones. After lots of pondering I decided on Banshee Scream and Sugar Crush. Both are awesome!

Banshee Scream is a murky light greyish blue with a strong green shift. This colour seems to glow on the skin!

Sugar Rush is a light purple with a blue-green shift. In the jar it's looks a bit like The Nightmare, but on skin is much lighter.

The shades go great together and are so so pretty on their own. I think I have to go shopping again, since Femme Fatale just announced eleven new eyeshadows that are all droolworthy!

I wore The Nightmare on my lower lid so you can see how much lighter Sugar Rush in in the crease and blended up. On the lid is Banshee Scream, also padded on the tearduct.

Just look at that glow!

And a full face, I paired the shadows with a plum toned lipstain.


  1. Love that makeup! the combination of colors is perfect! Beautiful!

  2. U should try some orange eyeshadow, it would rock with the color of your hair.

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