Friday, 3 January 2014

Lumissa's Purple Octopus Earrings

Back in the late summer I checked the stall of Lumissa's Purple Octopus at the marketplace in Tracon. She lovely bat-shaped earrings, but only in a few colours, and I told Tiia the owner that I'd immediately purchase a pair if they came in purple.

When she and her boyfriend were visiting us last month, I had totally forgotten about the earrings! She gave me a pair to experiment with and now I finally have purple bat earrings :)

With two coats on OPI Ink they are perfect!
The earrings are small studs and the bats are made of resin. Tiia suggested using nail polish on them, so when I had the time I took one of my favourite purple polishes and gave it a go. OPI Ink is a bit on the blue side as purples go, but I figured it would work well with the warm pink base colour the bats had.

Before, just look at all that glitter!
The polish hid the glitter, but it has a nice sheen of its own, so I'm not complaining, I think they came out great! I'm wearing the pair even now, they are easier to wear with knitted scarves that the dangly earring I usually prefer. Dangling ones tend to get stuck on scarves or my hair from time to time. Perfect earrings for the winter!


  1. I love the first one. I wanted a polish with the same color.
    Does it last long?

    1. Yes, I think the polish lasts pretty well. I can wear it for a week with no or minimal chipping :)

  2. Those are totally cute! I like them better with the polish. =D

    1. Thank you! With the polish they fit my style better, but I do like the glitter too. Everything glitter, that is ;P


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