Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year's Look

On New Year's Eve we went out to eat with some friends and then spent the evening at our place. Fun and easy! I even saw some fireworks from the balcony ;P

I got this hair band ages ago but wore it for the first time. It's from Janine Basil Etsy store and so neat! They carry coloured versions now, too, they look cool :)

For my eyes I tried some Darling Girl eyeshadows that arrived the very same day. I used way too many colours for this look. I was first going for a simple neutral eye, but got wild! There's watercolor paint pot in Falling Light (shimmery champagne) as the base, then a layer of My Three Witches (medium metallic taupe) and a dab of Persuasion (lavender with a cold golden sheen) on the inner corner. Then I added some London Calling (dark blue with red glitter) on the lower lid and decided the crease was too light and darkened it with Black Moon (dark taupe with a hint of olive and green and red glitter).

After putting a ton of stuff on my lids I decided to even it out with a bright red lipstick, which I think worked nicely ;P


  1. Oh I just absolutely love your hair colour! It's so vibrant!

  2. I agree, your hair is so vibrant! I love that there's little variations in the color, looks amazing.

    1. Thank you! It's actually partly old black highlights that wouldn't come off, but luckily they work well!

  3. Happy new year! You look lovely! And I love your hair!

    x Dawn

  4. You always do such lovely looks and I just love your head band or maybe they are barrettes, I can't quite tell either way it's awesome.


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