Wednesday, 17 December 2014

B-Day Hair

Happy belated birthday, me! I had the real b-day yesterday, but my parents took my other half and me out to a fancy restaurant on Saturday to celebrate. I even did my hair up, according to the suggestions I got when I showed this dress earlier on the blog. You people were spot on, the up-do suits it very well!

The ends of my hair are a bit faded, so make the do more lively with different shades.

I bought the lipstick as a present from myself to me ;P

The earrings are tiny clock hands.

In the back the hair is simply teased for volume and lifted up, secured with some bobby pins.

I popped in two glittery black roses for an accent.


  1. Oooh it looks beautiful indeed! You look great. And happy belated birthday.

  2. Love this up-do on you, and happy birthday!

  3. Your hair is amazing! I love the curls! The lipstick is a great shade!

  4. wow gorgeous updo, really suits your hair colour too!

  5. I like more your hair like that!

  6. Ihanan erilainen kampaus, sopii hyvin sinulle! :) Myöhästyneet syntymäpäiväonnittelut minunkin puolestani!

  7. happy birthday!!! you hair looks lovely, mine would never hold only with bobby pins :P


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