Thursday, 4 December 2014

Topshop Lip Paint in Proud

Stockholm has Topshop stores, so I naturally visited one to take a look at their make-up selection. I got a few products (I own their matte black lipstick and it's the shiz, totally awesome!) to try. This one is a Lip Paint called Proud. I googled a few reviews of the lip paints and they were described as liquid lipsticks that are quite alike to Nyx Matte Lip Creams. I happen to love those, so I got on of the Lip Paints. Turns out it's nothing like a Matte Lip Cream! For one it's not matte. It doesn't set on the lips and is not opaque. It also seems to need a lip liner to keep the paint in place.

The shade is very nice, but looks a lot darker and nicer in the tube than on lips. You can't really layer it since it doesn't set. The brownish shade suits me well and gives a dark but not too obvious lip, but due to the bleeding problems I doubt I'll use this product much. It's good for someone who wants a semi-sheer but bold shade and has the energy to re-apply every few hours.

Topshop Lip Paint in Proud.

The tube. See how dark and lovely the products looks there?

The doe-foot applicator is easy to use.

Here's Proud with a neutral eye and no brows.


  1. Not my cup of tea, but I see lots of scandinavian girls rocking this shade. It suits fair skin tone so good.

    1. I think it actually does need a pale skin tone, true! It's an interesting shade.

  2. Looks great but it sounds difficult how it never dries! Reminds me of how popular lipgloss was when I was in early high school, but how annoying and messy!

    1. Oh yeah, almost like lipgloss! I used to have some that tasted like strawberries, I don't think I wore it for the color but for the taste ;P


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