Sunday, 21 December 2014

Outfit of the Day

I wore this outfit to go to a design market event to buy some Christmas presents. There was snow for a short while, but it quickly melted away, leaving behind just icy sleet. Luckily today is the longest night of the year, which means the days are getting longer starting tomorrow, hurray! I'm already eagerly waiting for spring :)

Coat - H&M
Dress - Black Milk Burned Velvet Evil Cheerleader Dress
Boots - Nilson Shoes

Just a simple outfit with lots of black. The boots are new, I bought them from Stockholm. I've been looking for a pair of simple shoes with sturdy heels so I could wear them at winter. I also wanted them to be made of real leather so they would last me a long time. These are just perfect!


  1. Upeat kengät! Kuviotakin näyttäisi pohjassa olevan sen verran ettei tarvitse talvikeleillä liukastella ^^

    1. Kiitos! Tosi toimivat talvella, ihan kuten toivoinkin, kun on rouheat pohjat :)

  2. You look great! Your hair livens up the snowy street!


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