Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mac Cosmetics Cyber and Nightmoth

I bought a birthday present for me! The first Mac Cosmetics counter in my home city opened, which meant I absolutely needed to go shopping. I knew some of the staff there, so it was especially easy to let them show me products and help choose the ones that fit me best. I went in with the plan to get a lip liner in Nightmoth, a dark brownish red, because it seemed like a shade that would work with many of my favourite lipsticks. I also had a coupon for discount that required the total sum to be over 50 euros.

In the end I got Nightmoth lipliner, Cyber lipstick and Let's Skate! paint pot. Here's some pictures of Cyber and Nightmoth. I've been wearing them practically non-stop since I bought them last week :>

While Nightmoth is more red than Cyber, they go very well together.

Cyber is a satin finish. I don't think I've ever had a satin finish lipstick before, but I really like the formula!

Cyber looks very purple in the tube but goes on more sheer on the lips.

It blends perfectly with Nightmoth, especially if you apply the pencil on most of the lips, then smooth it with a lip brush, then apply lipstick with the same brush. I'm really impressed with the wear time of this combination. I usually have not worn regular lipsticks because they need so much touching up, but this combo wears for 4+ hours on my lips with no need to re-apply.

And look! Cyber matches my Isadora Purple Prune nail polish just perfectly!


  1. MAC has recently opened in my city as well, this hasn't exactly decreased my urge to storm in and blow an entire year's worth of scholarships :)

    Aaaand the similarity between your nail colour and the lipstick bullet is too much for my _slight_ colour-related OCD to handle.

  2. I have the same cyber lipstick, and to be honest it´s the worst lipstick I´ve ever had! :O the shade is amazing, but the texture is so thin it´s almost transparent when applied, even after 3 coats!!! it´s been like that from the first day I bought it... I´ve never had such a disappointing lipstick in my life, hope you´ll have a better experience!

  3. Ohmygosh I need that. It's so pretty!

  4. They look great together! I love the name Nightmoth!


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