Monday, 29 December 2014

One More from the Rogue Shoot

I'm super excited about modeling again! The workshop on Saturday was great and my head is full of ideas. Then there's a jewellery design project, a custom corset project and I'm waiting for some cool items to arrive in the mail. So many interesting things to do!

Here's one of the last finished pictures from the photoshoot done with Eliza Rask for Rogue. There's one more that's still being edited, taken on the same spot. I'm wearing a mini dress and a fur capelet. The background is a misty lake, it looked gorgeous but the air was damn cold thanks to the moisture!

Photographer: Eliza Rask
Make-up artist: MUA Maano
Clothing: Rogue
The horns are mine (from eBay) and I did the hair (well, my other half curled it ;P)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! The editing is by Eliza, she did a great job getting the shades to be misty and dream-like :)

  2. Amazing! Do you use Instagram? I often forget to read blogs nowadays but I love your style

    1. I have to look into Instagram! I've thinking about getting it but I've always forgotten ;D


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