Sunday, 28 December 2014

Glittery Photoshoot Look

Today I participated in a photo meet! I only heard about it yesterday, when they were looking for more models to join, and decided to give it a go. I tried a pin-up shoot and got loads of excellent advice on how to pose and even a few tips on applying blush. Loads of fun and learning new things is great, I already feel like twice the model I was in the morning!

I didn't remember to take any behind the scenes shots with my phone, but here's what my make-up looked like (after a twenty-minute walk home, hence the red nose ;P).

Brows - Inglot Gel liner in purple
Eyes - The Body Needs Blackened Violet with a touch of matte black shadow on top
Red Cherry false lashes with glitter
MAC Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack
Lips - IsaDora Color Chock in Vintage Wine with iridescent glitter padded on top

Us models did two different looks in the event, one with old-time glamour and
another one was a contemporary party look, for which I did not skimp on the glitter!
I'm wearing a sequin mini dress, lashes with glitter accents, glitter on the lips
and earrings with glitter cabochons. 

I did the styling myself (aside from the blush). The simple smoky eye was
an excellent base, it worked for the glamour look and adding glittery lips
made it perfect for the party look, I just added some black matte shadow to
deepen the shade.

For the pin-up set I had to learn to do a fitting smile, it was actually quite tricky but
the lovely Salla patiently coached me through it. Here's my best try on my own ;D


  1. The makeup is wonderful! Sounds great to get all the advice! Even with a face slightly redenned by cold, you look very radiant!

    1. Thank you darling :) The workshop was great, it was wonderful to get to chat with models who had much experience and were willing to share tips!

  2. Aivan ihana tuon pinkin ja turkoosin glitterpaidan kontrasti! ^^

    1. Kiitos! Mä itekin tykkään siitä miten ne pelaa yhteen, just sopivat sävyt!

  3. Oi, ihana hymy! :) Ja vitsit, ois joskus jännää päästä tollasiin kuvauksiin ^_^

    1. Kiitos! Yllättävän paljon piti reenata että saa suupielet oikein kuvissa ;D Mä koitan pitää sut mielessä kun seuraavan kerran kuulen kuvaustyöpajasta, eiköhän sinne yleensä mukaan mahdu :)

  4. I really enjoy the lip makeup with the glitter on top, gorgeous!


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