Monday, 1 December 2014

Iron Throne

Greetings from Stockholm! I had business trip and continued with a lovely holiday with friends. The Livrustkammaren, Royal Armory in the Old Town has an exhibition including some costumes from the Game of Thrones HBO-series. Apparently they really know what visitors like and had this as a spot to take pictures at:

If you go to see the exhibition, don't forget to take a look at the royal carriages hidden in the cellar. They are magnificent!


  1. Love it, its fantastic fantastic photo

  2. It came near us but only for two days and there was literally a 10 hour queue to see it so we had to skip it! Bad organisation!

    The throne suits you! You should have one of your own!

  3. YESS!! I attended the Game of Thrones exhibit here in Vancouver as well! I have a photo of me in the iron throne on my instagram! Did they have the occulus rift experience where you can ascend the wall? it was really cool!



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