Sunday, 14 December 2014

Top Shop Velvet Lips in Plush Review

As you may know, I'm very fond of purple lipsticks. That's why when I visited a Topshop in Stockholm, I absolutely needed to get a Velvet Lips lipstick in Plush. I already own Velvet Lips in Raven, you can see my pictures of it here.

I really like Raven, it's hand down the best black lipstick I own. It's matte, opaque in one layer, stays on forever, does not feather or smudge, just perfect! Sadly Plush isn't as nice. It's a lovely purple, but feels a bit gritty on the lips. It's also very hard to get to go on evenly, which makes you want to add a second layer, but a second layer makes the lipstick too thick and causes it to crumble. The best way to use plush is to first prime your lips with a lip liner, then do a fast thin layer. Don't do any fixes, you'll just melt the first layer and make a mess, believe me I tried many times!

The liner I'm wearing underneath is more red than Plush, but it's a cool tone and works well with the purple. You can see some unevenness on the edges of my lips, but the shade looks purple and isn't too blotchy. Once you get it on your lips, it stays dries matte in under a minute and stays on very well. If you need to retouch it, only add more to the center of your lips, where the lipstick wears off.

My take on Plush: lovely shade but a bit fiddly to wear. Not as awesome as Raven, but I can forgive much because it's just my type of purple!

Here worn with Sleek Vintage Romance palette shades on the eyes.


  1. Purple lipstick..does things to me.

    The color combo in the full face pictures is absolutely gorgeous ^^

    1. Thank you so much! I have a thing for purples. I just need them ;D

  2. It matches your hair nicely. But you look great in anything!

  3. Too bad it is so difficult to use, it is a lovely colour!


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