Sunday, 29 November 2015

Adult Uniform

Yesterday we had friends over for dinner. I even took the time to dig up some led candles and put up a light string to make the living room look nice. It was so lovely to just sit, eat and talk, a great way to spend time!

I wore what I jokingly call my adult uniform ;P I got the top and skirt from H&M's sale and they make me look like a real grown-up.

Behold the Ikea folding chairs ;D We put the table together only if there are guests coming, so the chairs are folded away when not in use. And I couldn't find the table cloth I wanted, so this one had to do.


  1. I was looking for fashion blogs and I found yours. I might follow you since I suck at make up, haha. Lovely hair!

  2. OMG a real grown up! Ha ha! Naw I love all your clothes!

  3. I also bought the skirt from H&M to wear to work!

  4. Woah, your hair looks like glowing neon! How adorable!
    And look how the green makes your eyes brighter than ever, this is just amazing. Although the cut is indeed "grown up", it looks really cool on you.



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