Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mac Black Night

Yesterday I treated myself to a new lipstick! Mac came out with a new collection called Dark Desires. I'm usually a fan of dark shades and this was no exception. I'm not too keen on single pressed eyeshadows, but one of the lipsticks caught my eye. This is Dark Night.

It's described as a black lipstick, but on goth standards, it's a very easy-to-wear black. It's sheer and can be used on top of other shades to darken them. The best part is the wonderful shimmer. There's copper shimmer and just a hint of green shimmer, creating a very unique sheen to the lipstick.

I tried Dark Night on top of Nightmoth lip liner and really like the result. I applied the lipstick in two phases, first heavily on top of the liner, then blotted with a paper a few times, and then added a light layer for extra shimmer.

I can imagine how gorgeous Dark Night looks on top of black liner, but it should also work on top of blue shades. I'm excited to try out all the combinations!


  1. Wow it looks completely different to how I thought it'd look! I love how close up you can see all the sparkles within the lipstick.

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'


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