Monday, 14 December 2015

Autumnal Photoshoot

The snow just fell, so it was just the right time to get some finished pictures from the photoshoot I did in the autumn. These were taken at a friend's summer cottage. I was super lucky and it was a very warm day, despite the autumn weather, and there was almost no wind at all. I was expecting to be cold but was pleasantly surprised! I love the autumny, witchy feel the pictures have. I bought the wig from Gamescom last summer and this was the first time I wore it, and it seems just perfect for a neutral, long hair look. I predict you'll be seeing it a lot more in the future!

Photographer: Helena Pahaoja
Model, styling: Me

The ugly modesty retouching is by me.


  1. I think this set is quite beautiful, but the second to last is just gorgeous. It's brilliantly emotive-- the soft hues in contrast to the stark black and greys of your skin and makeup. Reminds me of tarot depictions.

  2. it´s beautiful! i loved each photo!

  3. wow ! I love this serie ! you look stunning ! the two pictures with the crystal balls make me feel something special ! I really love them !

    thanks for sharing !

  4. These look lovely and very mysterious and witchy.

  5. Mielettömän upeita kuvia! ^_^

  6. Shame about the modesty, but these are absolutely beautiful <3


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