Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Moth Dress

I did the neutral look for this quick photoshoot, as I needed a less formal picture for an interview and felt like I didn't have good ones in store. I bought the dress some time ago, it's a Dark Moth vs. Play With Me inside out dress from Black Milk. On the other side there's a creepy doll print, so it's basically two dresses in one, and that saves money, right? ;D I can't wait for summer, as the dress is pretty and very nice to wear, but too thin for winter time.

My tattoo moth and the dress match!

And the realities of taking pictures in an apartment that has cats. Here you can see a gorgeous shot of Nana's impressive tail, with some blurry mess in the background.


  1. Great dress!

  2. Niin upea tuo mekon printti! Jännä yksityiskohta kun siellä on noita värikkäitäkin koiperhosia mukana :)

    1. Kiitos! Se muhunkin vetosi, että on pieniä määriä väriä seassa :)


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