Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas Dress

I've got a new dress I want to show you! It isn't technically a Christmas present, but I kinda. My other half and I were visiting his mother during the Christmas holidays, and among other topics, we discussed sewing and I mentioned I've been planning to make a historical dress now that I've stocked up on fabrics. My other half's mom said she had once sewed an Edwardian dress as a part of her studies, and that she might still have it. After some rummaging in the closet she pulled out a wondrous dress made of black and purple striped fabric. She told me she had no use for it any more, and I could have the dress if I wanted to. Naturally I did, it's gorgeous! And it fits me perfectly, lucky me!

I had some trouble with the lights, so these are not the best possible pictures of the dress. I'm planning to do a photoshoot with it outdoors when I find the time. I know just the place with a neo-Gothic mansion that's the perfect backdrop for this dress. Thank you so much, Marja!

The dress a a turtle neck, large pleats on the top and medium leg-o-mutton sleeves with beautiful black rose buttons on the cuffs. The hem has corded appliqué work, but the picture doesn't show it well, and I guess the dress needs a little bit more ironing. There's also a separate collar, which I didn't remember to take photos of, and a belt.

I don't have proper underwear fit for Edwardian styles, so a petticoat in the right shape might make the dress even more awesome. Or a corset, but then again the Edwardian silhouette looks like it might not benefit much from a corset. The big sleeves make posing a bit of a challenge, but I'm sure I'll find poses that work. The sleeves have a lovely shape, they just tend to look like one big lump with the bodice, so I need to find ways of keeping my arms quite far from my body.

Here's the belt too. It has a bow in the back and is made of black satin.

And the cats always want to participate ;D This is Tirri!


  1. I love the color! The shape is also very flattering! I believe that it will look even more amazing with a proper petticoat! <3

  2. What an awesome dress! Your bf's mum rocks!

  3. This dress is awesome and really suits you well.

  4. It is an amazing dress! How lucky it was the right size! And how lovely that it is home made too!

  5. Love the dress and earrings!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Wow! That is an awesome dress, what a great colour! I love how the cats always want to get in the picture.


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