Sunday, 27 December 2015

Outfit of the Day

Today I mainly lounged on the sofa at home, but also popped to a friends' house party for a few hours. Good food and board games, just my kind of party! It's so easy to get around now that we have a car, I usually hated going anywhere for just a short time, as it meant spending almost as much time waiting for the bus and on the bus. Henna the car works like a charm and gets me around.

I'm not a Christmas person and I'm happy that it's almost a year until the next one. One of our kitties needed to be taken to the vet on the 23rd, so we spent most of Christmas tending to him. He had a cut that had been infected, so nothing serious, but lots of bad tasting antibiotics to feed to the cat who would much rather not eat them!

Cowl neck dress - Seppälä
Belt - Infinity belt by Fox & Owl
Tank top under the dress - Cubus

I'm enjoying my Christmas vacation, it's great to be able to just rest, eat and play games. I've done some sewing, played lots of Mass Effect and watched so far 4 out of the 6 Harry Potter movies. I've had a crazy year, so some rest & recreation is good!


  1. You look very cosy :-). Lovely vibrant makeup!

  2. Oh dear, all that cat tending sounds exhausting! Great pictures!

  3. I have been there, giving a cat antibiotics is nearly impossible!!


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