Thursday, 10 December 2015

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Look

Here's the first documented look done with the Spectrum palette by Urban Decay! I had tried a neutral look before, but was on a business trip with no access to my good camera, so I have no pictures of that.

This one combines many of my favourite shades in the palette. I wanted to use Deep End, a vibrant teal, and built the look around it.

For the inner corners and brow bones, I used Sugarpill Tako, a matte white. All other shades are from the Spectrum palette. On the lid is Omen, blending into Madness on the outer edge. In the crease I started with Madness, then added Deep End above it and blended carefully. For the lower lid I chose Flashback. I think Flashback and Deep End are just the perfect pair, my favourite shades! As an added bonus, this look goes great with my pink eyebrows :)

Aside from eyeshadows, I drew a thin line on the upper lid with black eyeliner and added black mascara.


  1. Wow, that color really pops! I love that flashback color, and I think I love it more now than I did when I saw the cake in your last post-- that shimmer is wonderful.

    1. Thanks! Flashback does for some reason look way better on skin than in the pan, all of the shimmer is lost in the pan.

  2. Amazing colour! This looks so good on you.

  3. If I could only wear purple shadows... I think this would be a palette I'd buy.
    So gorgeous!


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