Monday, 8 June 2015

Cabals: The Board Game

I used to work for Kyy Games before, and currently they have a very interesting project going on. They have a digital card game, called Cabals, that's set in an alternative 1930's universe and quite popular. Now they are working on a board game version of Cabals and have a Kickstarter campaign.

I met with their game designer during Ropecon last month, he's an old friend of mine and we got the idea that I could design a card for Cabals. I was working on the project when the world for the game was created, and I simply love it! Think of Hellboy, Kult the roleplaying game and Neil Gaiman, alternative, magical realities, that's definitely my thing! The art on the cards is often based on photos, so I could even be on the card itself.

So after some planning, here's Frya Karolina, a medium of the ancient Frisian goddesses!

The final picture will be one of this set, but painted over. The imaginary Frisian goddesses were the keepers of an eternal flame, much like the Vestal virgins of Rome, so I chose to have a lantern as a prop. The lantern is originally saved from a bin at our last apartment, I've held on to it since it's so pretty! The headdress is new, from WGT, by a company called Videnoir. The dress was a last minute find on the flea market table at Ropecon, I thought it would go nicely with some sort of steampunk outfit, but it worked quite nicely for this shoot too. The colours are a bit interesting together, as I just collected things that had the right shape and size, and counted on the wonderful artists at Kyy Games to handle the colour palette. Lets see what they come up with!

In the mean time, take a look at the Cabals Kickstarter campaign!

UPDATE: The Kickstarter is currently closed, but will be back later this year. I'll keep you posted!


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